I am Cvan (cvanDOTnet), a mixed media artist based in Southern California.
I like to draw and paint.

I started out with a pencil sketch. Usually with a 4B lead pencil. Then some rough shading and then fine shading. Then I wet the areas that I want to paint and imediately brush color over the wet areas. Pushing and pull the color around to get a sense of depth to make the object pop. I do the same with watercolor as I do with my pencil. darker color tone behind the object and lighter color on the outside so my subject pops. Finishig it up with a black gel pen for the deeper areas and white gel pen for the highlights. "Any free time I have, I try to get that theraputhical sketching/drawing in ... makes me happy. It's icing on the cake when I see that there are people out there that enjoyed my work..."

You can also see more of what I do if you are interested. CLICK HERE!


Warmup Sketching
It is actually very enjoyable. Like warming up and stretching before the workout. I start doing this during my college years, in sketching class. It starts a with simple line sketch, may not be of anything. Straight lines accross the paper, then circles, and then odd shapes with shadings. Sometimes just start drawing something from imagination or something interesting on the web, magazine, etc. Sometimes it turn out to be something really neat. Then I would redraw it and film the process to share.